Nicola O’Dwyer

Nicola Julie O'Dwyer - VTCT  OCN Member of ACHO
Crystal Therapy
Emotional Freedom Technique
Indian Head Massage

Swedish Body Massage 

Spiritual Healing
Crystal Workshops
Nicola is a fully qualified and Insured Therapist.

Nicola has been a Healer for 9 years, and in that time has gained qualifications in Crystal Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Swedish Body Massage and Emotional Freedom Technique .

Nicola also does Crystal Workshops throughout the year.

Nicola Has lived in East Sussex all her life and is a mother of 2.   She is a sensitive and caring person who genuinely wants to help her clients with the healing process and shares her knowledge when required. 

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Spiritual Healing

Healing has been used since the beginning of time. It is a natural, holistic therapy.   The Healing energy is “Life Force Energy”. The energy is channelled through the therapist to the client. Healing is safe to have along side any other treatment as it is a natural process which encourages your body to self heal what it can, on all levels. Spiritual Healing can be used simply for relaxation.

Crystal Workshops

Crystal Workshop 1 teaches you about Auras & Chakras; Sensing Energies; Choosing Crystals & Taking Care of Crystals; Practical Crystal Layouts
Crystal Workshop 2 teaches you about the use of Crystals with Colour; Practical Crystal Layouts; Mandalas and Crystals
Crystal Workshop 3 teaches you about the use of Crystals on an Angelic Frequency; Practical Crystal Layouts: Making a Gem Essence