Homoeopathy is a wholistic therapy that takes into account everything that is happening in the body whether related or not to the complaint. It uses this information to find a remedy that covers all the symptoms and puts the body back on the road to good health, without side effects.

Homeopathy is a safe and holistic solution to recent and long- term health problems. It is an effective and drug- free complementary therapy, used for over 200 years by patients wanting a gentle and natural system. Homeopathy works on the energy balance in the body, enhancing immunity and improving health.

A consultation will give you time to discuss your health in depth during an hour long session.

Time will be taken to understand your individual symptoms, and a homeopathic remedy will be selected for you. The benefits of your treatment may be felt straight away , but will depend on your condition and its longevity.

Homeopathy is suitable for all ages - including babies, children, during pregnancy and the elderly.