Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

NAET Allergy Treatment was developed in 1983 in America by Dr Nambudripad. It is natural, holistic and non invasive.

The treatment is a unique combination of western medical knowledge, chiropractic, kinesiology, oriental medical knowledge of acupuncture (although no needles are used in NAET) and nutrition.

It desensitises allergic responses of all types and intensities and allergy related disorders such as learning difficulties, joint pain, headaches, fatigue, digestive ailments, all arising from allergies to food, environmental toxins, chemical toxins and emotional stressors.

Treatment for any ailment may benefit from NAET as it assists in the absorption of essential nutrients needed for good health.

Prepare before the appointment:
  • Do bring any laboratory tests such as IgG or IgE tests you may have had, and also any medication or supplements you may be taking.
  • Do bathe/shower before the treatment, as you cannot do so 6 hours after the treatment
  • Do bring any suspected allergens for testing
  • Do not come on an empty stomach
  • Do not wear perfumes or heavy jewellery
What does the treatment involve?

During the first appointment, a medical history is taken and physical and/or emotional symptoms are discussed. Several allergens will be tested including those from the 15 basic food/vitamin groups.

The first treatment will then be given.

The allergy testing is done by placing an energy vial of the allergen in your hand while you are muscle tested. A weak response indicates that the allergen is reacting with your body and needs to be treated.

On subsequent appointments

The previously treated allergen will be re-tested and strengthened if necessary. The next allergen on the list will then be treated.

For the NAET treatment, you will lie on your stomach, while holding the energy vial of the allergen. Acupressure points are exerted on the back a number of times together with specified breathing techniques. Then you rest for 20 minutes.

The treated allergen is then avoided for 25 hours. One allergen is treated at each session.

Our Protocol: Treatment for basic allergens

There are 15 basic food/vitamin groups that have to be cleared; egg mix, calcium mix, vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, sugar, iron, Vitamin A, minerals, salt mix, grain mix, yeast, acid, base, hormones and organ mix.

By clearing these foods, we strengthen the immune system, and improve digestion and absorption of the nutrients within the food. This allows your body to get the necessary nutrients when undergoing the subsequent allergy treatments, and helps to minimise any reactions to the treatment.

Environmental allergies in general also contain food elements. For example, grass, weeds, and pollen contain vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals, vitamin B, etc. In most cases, treating for the basic allergens can reduce reactions to environmental allergens.

The number of treatments needed

This depends upon many factors; the severity of the allergy, the duration of the allergy, the genetic make up of the individual and so on. One person may clear an allergy after a single treatment of that specific allergen, whilst another may require several treatments, especially if you have lived with the allergy for several years.

For more information on allergies and NAET please read “Say Goodbye to Illness” by Dr Devi Nambudripad

A recently published study on NAET and allergy-related autism in children by Teitelbaum et al can be read on the NAET website