Acupuncture is an integral part of the rapid growth of complementary therapy in the UK.

We now run the Divine Spark Charity from the Clinic which enables us to offer AcupunctureTreatments at a lower cost to anyone who would find the normal cost of treatments prohibiting for them. If you feel you would like to try Acupuncture under this scheme please contact the Clinic to ask for further details.

Acupuncture is an holistic approach to health based on over 2,000+ years of development and refinement in the Far East. We can speculate on an origin of 2637 BC for the Yellow Emperor's reign, though generally this is perceived as a legendary epoch. In fact reliable documentation dates back more than 2000 years. The overall tradition is as much about the maintenance of health as the management of disease; which may seem like common sense to the ordinary human being. In any case we're here to find solutions.

 Acupuncture is used to treat people with a wide range of illnesses from simple pain relief to more chronic complaints. Its focus is on improving the overall wellbeing of the patient, rather than the isolated treatment of specific symptoms.

The skill of an acupuncturist lies in their ability to make a traditional diagnosis from what is often a complex pattern of disharmony. The exact pattern and degree of disharmony is unique to each individual and so following diagnosis, the acupuncturist puts together a personalised treatment plan.

According to traditional Chinese philosophy, our health is dependent on the body's motivating energy - known as qi - moving in a smooth and balanced way through a series of meridians (channels) beneath the skin. The flow of qi can be disturbed by many factors, physical, mental and emotional: anxiety, stress, anger, fear or grief, poor nutrition, weather conditions, hereditary factors, infections, poisons and trauma.

By inserting fine needles into the channels of energy, an acupuncturist can stimulate the body's own healing response and help to restore its natural balance.

British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)