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Mental Health Nursing

Beverley Chapman RMN
1 Hour £60
Flexible hours
Mental Health Nurses work very closely with you when you are experiencing difficulties with your mental health and emotional wellbeing.They are able to recognise early signs of mental distress and have a wide range of skills to help you alleviate symptoms and overcome obstacles to mental and emotional wellbeing.They are experts in helping you to realise your own vunerabilities and to develop coping strategies and skills conductive to better health, promotiong and supporting your recovery, encouraging you to harness your strengths and enabling you to have more control over your health.
Many things can cause mental health problems - physical or mental illness, past experiences, difficult relationships, drug and alcohol problems or stresses like exams and unemployment. Relationships can become difficult and you may find it harder to deal with various problems of Life.
So, you may need help with a number of different areas to get over a mental health problem including:
Managing emotions
Work, school or something rewarding and useful to do
Getting back self confidence