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Jennifer Hernon

Jennifer trained as an Aesthetician over 35 years ago and worked for many years in the USA. Since 1993 she has been involved with wellbeing/nutritional companies, promoting the use of safe, effective products. In 2000 she developed a manual and video for a body contouring system and was the training director, teaching effective weight loss and cellulite reduction strategies. More recently, she has enhanced her knowledge by becoming a Nutritional Therapist.
Over time her approach has become more holistic, encompassing the whole of the person. Jennifer is a strong believer that what you put inside your body determines how you appear on the outside. She has a sound and ever evolving knowledge of the nutritional importance to the mind and body.
Jennifer specialises in facial treatments using machines that encourage the skins natural regenerative ability, along with other traditional beauty treatments. She also promotes cutting edge products free from harmful ingredients and advises on weight loss strategies.
Jennifer is available at the Horam Natural Therapy Centre on Mondays
For more information please contact Jennifer on 07732 396685.