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Crystal Therapy


Nicola O'Dwyer

Thurs. 10.30 - 3pm    1 hour £40


Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is a vibrational therapy using the stable frequency of a variety of different crystals to help re-balance your Body, Mind and Soul.

Crystal Workshops with Nicola O'Dwyer

Crystal Workshop 1 teaches you about Auras & Chakras; Sensing Energies; Choosing Crystals & Taking Care of Crystals; Practical Crystal Layouts
Crystal Workshop 2 teaches you about the use of Crystals with Colour; Practical Crystal Layouts; Mandalas and Crystals
Crystal Workshop 3 teaches you about the use of Crystals on an Angelic Frequency; Practical Crystal Layouts: Making a Gem Essence


Horam Natural Therapy Centre

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