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Ascended Master Healing

Diana Savil
Treatment:  £60  1 hour
 Tues 9am - 1.30 pm  + Flexible hours.

Ascended Master Healing
The basis for this transformative type of healing is in Setsukido, a deep tissue massage technique that focuses on releasing old emotional energy from the body. Combining 10 years as a Setsukido Practitioner and Teacher with awareness of high level energetic frequencies has enabled the evolution of this unique form of treatment.
It is no longer necessary to include massage; sometimes it is unnecessary to place the client on the healing couch. Now the changes that are required take place at ever higher levels within the client's Being. The results can be profound.
 Ascended Master Healing treatment is a purely intuitive, energy led, session. This facilitates healing in the Whole Being, and combines Spiritual Counselling, Higher Guidance and Ascended Master Healing
The healing can take place through the mental or emotional levels, or the higher dimensions of the Being. Sometimes there is release of old energy, or clearing of a block. Sometimes the focus is on the inflow, inspiration; enhancing and expanding the client's awareness and energy field.
Every session is different, and everyone is given precisely what they need.
These sessions are transforming, uplifting and inspiring. Multi-Dimensional Healing for Body and Soul.
I also read Tarot and run workshops and courses. For details of these, and further information on Setsukido and my Healing Sessions, please visit my website: